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Home Planning for Your Later Years Book

Home Planning for Your Later Years

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Is your home keeping up with your changing lifestyle?

Should you continue to invest in your home as you get older, or are there other options?  This step-by-step home assessment and planning guide for middle age and older adults includes practical and applied tips on how to evaluate where and how you want to live when you retire and what housing needs you can anticipate.

Answers your questions about one of life’s biggest investments:

  • Stay put and modify, or move and build?
  • Choose a single-family dwelling or join with friends in shared housing?
  • Invest in a continuous care retirement community or pay rental fees plus long-term care insurance?

Anticipates your changing needs and helps you make informed decisions:

  • Take a guided tour through your home to assess its age friendliness and learn how to make changes step-by-step
  • Become informed about the pros and cons of different housing options
  • Learn how to factor finances and community services into your decisions
  • Evaluate design ideas to meet your needs and familiarize yourself with the latest in hardware, appliances, and cabinetry.